Your 6-Month Road-Map to Coaching your Clients

So you’re a Business Coach, and maybe you’re feeling a bit lost in terms of what direction to coach your clients in. Maybe you’ve got great insight into how to help them solve their current struggles right NOW, but what’s next? What is the end-game? What is your overall coaching plan and structure? 

If you could use some big-picture direction and could utilize a system to follow, we’ve got you covered! We’re going to let you in on a secret and show you our company’s Six-Month Coaching Plan that we walk our business clients through. Please understand that in a perfect world we would always start at the beginning and follow the formula month to month. That said,  we use this tool as a guideline and remain flexible depending on the client’s particular situation.


Month 1: Welcome to the Coaching Process

  • Coach initiates an inquiry into “What do you want?” and “What’s your company’s current reality?” Where are you now and where do you want to go from here?)
  • Coach picks up copies of the Profit & Loss statements
  • Coach has the Client/Business Leader start reading the first book from the Client Reading List
  • Business Leader identifies the key people in the organization to the coaching process
  • Coach and Leader begin to create the Action Plan
  • Coach introduces the outline for the vision, mission, and core values of the company


Month 2: Defining a Culture of Accountability

  • Coach and Leader work on the company vision, mission, and core values
  • Leader identifies the next tier of management personnel
  • Leader continues reading from the Reading List
  • Coach reviews the Profit & Loss statements with the Leader and sets up key indicators to keep score moving forward
  • Coach and Leader identify benchmarks that the organization will achieve during the next 6 months
  • Leader defines, tracks, and forecasts key performance indicators


Month 3: Developing the Leadership and Team

  • First “All Company Meeting” to introduce new vision, mission, and company commitments. Introduce the employees to the Coach
  • Coach and Leadership staff introduce new company goals to the entire organization
  • Review job descriptions and ensure standards of performance are in place
  • Coach introduces leadership training meetings to VP level management
  • Coach and leadership begin designing a 12-month strategic plan
  • Discuss possibility of a management retreat weekend (optional?) 


Month 4: Accountability Increases

  • Coach attends and helps facilitate the second “All-Company Meeting”
  • Coach introduces All-Employee Company Survey to the leadership team to get feedback from employees
  • Coach attends individual department meetings (if necessary)
  • Coach facilitates a senior management retreat (optional)


Month 5: Defining Goals & Individual Roles

  • During months 5 and 6, the Coach should have the relationship moving along in a healthy direction. If the relationship is solid, the Coach can begin to spend less time with the client and require them to increase the pace and learn to delegate to their subordinates
  • Coach attends the third All-Company Meeting. Coach introduces the All-Company Survey to the employees and collects responses to draft an anonymous report for leadership staff to understand the results
  • Coach attends monthly meetings with leaders and VP level personnel


Month 6: Establishing Traction & Momentum

  • The Coach and Leader discuss the results of the All-Company Survey and determine “what’s next?”
  • Coach attends the fourth All-Company meeting
  • Coach attends monthly meetings with the leaders and VP level personnel
  • The Coach and Client evaluate the coaching process: What’s working, not working, missing, and what’s next? 
  • This can be an opportunity to re-evaluate the goals and do a reset if need be.
  • After 6 months, evaluate the Client’s results to determine what’s next. Celebrate their successes, and then repeat this coaching process (from the beginning) if needed


A downloadable graphic version of this can be found here!

Every good Coach should have a clear system and direction to coach their clients in, so we hope you find this helpful! For a deeper dive into this coaching process, check out our Small Business Coach Master Training System. It outlines EVERYTHING you need to be a highly-successful Business Coach. By the way, who’s your Coach?