Everything you Need to Know about Business Coaching and Getting Certified

Everything you need to know about becoming a business coach and getting certified

If you’re new to the field of coaching, chances are, you might be a little confused as to how it works. You might be wondering, “How do I become a coach? Is there a formal education process to all of this? Do I need a college degree? What does it mean to be Certified? Is a Certification worth my time and investment?”


Here we’ll answer all your pressing questions becoming a Certified Business Coach.


What is coaching exactly?

Coaching is a method used to bring about positive change and results. Think about a sports coach, for example. A basketball coach develops the players, trains them, brings the best out of them, comes up with plays and strategy, holds them accountable to the team’s goals, and helps set them up to win. This is what Business Coaches do, our field just happens to be business.


Is there a formal education process to becoming a Business Coach?

Technically, no. Unlike some other professions, the field of coaching is not one that is regulated by the state or federal government. There are no legal standards regulating what a coach can or cannot do. Therefore, anyone can decide that they want to be a coach, and then start coaching people. But is this the wisest and most ethical thing to do, however? Probably not.

As a coach, you get the honor and privilege of impacting the lives of others. So what will you do to be the best, most equipped coach you can be? 


Why should I get Certified?

Because technically anyone can be a self-proclaimed coach, this is why training and Certification programs are extremely valuable. They are designed to teach you the fundamentals of coaching, proven-successful coaching methods, and give you the confidence to launch your coaching career. Having a Certification adds a level of credibility and trust amongst potential clients. It shows that you’ve put in the time and effort to be professionally trained and well-equipped to coach your clients to success.


How do I know which program to get Certified through?

It’s important to research and find a Certification program that is credible and offers the kind of training you are looking for. There are some privately-owned organizations, like the International Coaching Federation (ICF) that have attempted to standardize the training and certification processes by accrediting different programs. While this can be a popular way to find credible programs, there are many non-ICF accredited programs that can offer training and Certification programs adding even more value to your credentials as a Coach.


Why BusinessCoach.Com?

At BusinessCoach.Com, we have been in business since 1989. Our founder, Coach Gary Henson, was formally trained by Authors and inventors of the coaching industry. Coach Gary has over 30 years experience coaching 500 plus companies and training thousands of coaches. He has a wealth of knowledge and unique coaching techniques that he has developed and perfected for decades. Our mission is to raise up other coaches, train them in our effective coaching Systems, and impact businesses all over the world for the good. This is why we offer a variety of dynamic training and Certification program packages.


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