The Small Business Coach Master Training System

Training Materials  & Certification Program for Coaches

Materials + Audio Trainings + Handouts  + Templates to Use as Tools for the Coaching Relationship with Your Clients & Their Teams

Want to become an internationally Certified Business Coach?

Go through our SBCMTS Program and Become a Certified Professional Business Coach!


What You Get For Your Investment:

  • Our 115-page manual and 6 recordings that cover everything from developing a healthy and accountable culture, building relationships and leveraging the executive team and the employees, rolling out new programs and implementing new sales initiatives, and much more.
  • The Coach's Playbook that helps you facilitate and strategize an entire year of coaching your clients. It's packed with training and coaching essentials that remove the guesswork from what to do next with your clients.
  • 2 powerful audio recordings that walk you through how to use each section of the Coach's Playbook and learn the powerful distinctions between consulting and coaching.
  • Receive our official BusinessCoach.Com Certification exam, and get certified as a Professional Business Coach upon passing.
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I want to thank you for all of the incredible information that was provided and most of all the passion behind the material. I really believe it was life changing for me not only in my business life but personal life as well.

- Lance Hill, Business Coach, Dallas Texas

What You'll Learn in the Small Business Coach
Master Training System

  • Learn the Principles of Our Coaching Program

    As a pioneer in the Coaching Industry, we’ve spent over 30 years mastering coaching strategies, systems and transformational tools clients pay us for over and over again. The Small Business Coach Master Training System teaches you everything you need to know to successfully transform companies and coach business clients.

  • Lock In New Clients

    One of the biggest challenges coaches face is knowing how to acquire the right clients. This program shows you exactly how to serve the clients you already have, while attracting new ones and continuously expanding your business.

  • Get Certified

    After going through the Small Business Coach Master Training System material, take our Certification Exam for the opportunity to become a Certified Business Coach. Upon passing, you will receive the official BusinessCoach.Com Professional Business Coaching Certification.

So, what are you waiting for? Start Learning . . .

Buy It for $4,997

Meet Coach Gary

Gary Henson lives in Sacramento California with his wife, Jenene, and has been coaching businesses and coaches for over 30 years. He's been a keynote speaker for numerous International Coaching Federation groups and has helped over 7000 coaches and businesses in over 70 countries. Gary loves to play racquetball, he attends Bayside Church in Sacramento, and is involved with many ministries and business groups.