Want to Become an Internationally Certified Professional Business Coach?

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Six Month Mentorship & Training Certification Program


Get Certified and Receive Training That Puts You Leagues Ahead of the Others.

How it Works

If you’re ready to change your life and go from dreaming about being a full time coach to making it a reality, then the Six Month Mentorship Program is the solution for you. Coach Gary Henson will work with you personally and help you create the coaching business of your dreams. The 6 Month Mentorship program kicks off with a 3-Day, in-person, training Intensive where you'll learn all the fundamentals of being a successful Business Coach. Coach Gary wastes no time in getting started and walks you through as much information as possible. Following the 3-Day Intensive, you'll receive personal coaching and training as well as ongoing support through email contact with Coach Gary and his team for 6 entire months. Transformation, establishing a firm foundation in your business, and seeing results takes time, and this program is the provides the perfect opportunity for that.

Exactly What You'll Get:

The 6 Month Mentoring Program is a dynamic package that includes:

    • 3-Day Intensive Training
    • International Professional Business Coaching Certification
    • The Profit Coach System 3-part video series (a $499 value)
    • The Business Coach's Playbook (a $1997 value)
    • The Business Owner's Playbook (a $897 value)
    • Unlimited Coaching by appointment for 6 months

Here's a breakdown of exactly what you'll learn in the 3-Day Intensive:

What You'll Be Coached On:

Upon scheduling your coaching appointments, Coach Gary will work with you to assess exactly what YOUR coaching business needs to thrive.
Coaching topics may include:

    • How to Think like an Entrepreneur
    • What's working, not working, what's missing, and what's next in your business
    • Clarifying your niche
    • How to reach your avatar and target market
    • Coaching demonstrations and getting high-end clients
    • Networking and Marketing
    • Branding & Positioning like a pro
    • Budgeting
    • And more!

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