4 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Coach

For many years, hiring a coach was seen as a luxurious expense. However, most people and entrepreneurs are waking up to the realization that hiring a coach is no longer a luxury, but in fact, a necessity. If you’re unsure about hiring a coach, or how to present yourself to potential clients, here are 4 important reasons why everyone needs a coach.


1. Coaches don’t just teach, they transform.
Coaching is not just about information, but transformation. Information and knowledge can be valuable, but what good are they if they’re not applied? The real power of coaching is when a client not only learns a principle for the first time but actually experiences it. It’s one thing to learn how to transform a business, but it’s a whole other thing having someone help walk you through the process.


2. Coaches move us from old habits into new possibilities.
Most of us don’t realize what is actually possible or understand how to be creative in our own environment. Many of us can tend to run our lives and businesses out of old, outdated habits, as opposed to inventing a new future. Coaches point out blind spots, bring focus to areas the client was unaware of, and work with the client to create new possibilities. Coaches can help us become confident in areas we were previously stuck or struggling, and bring about actions that move us and our businesses forward at an extraordinary pace.


3. Coaches bring out what we’re truly passionate about.
The role of a Coach is to discover what the client is truly passionate about in business and in their life. Coaches help us dig deep into the core of who we are to help us find our “why.” A Coach can intervene when they see us losing focus of our goals, commitments, and passions, and help us stay true to those core values. A good Coach is always standing in the future that the client wants, and is committed to their success.


4. Coaches increase success rates by 95%.
According to the Association of Talent Development, here are some stats on the likelihood of completing goals:

You have an idea or goal: 10%⁣

You decide you will do it: 25%⁣

You pick a deadline: 40%⁣

You plan how you will do it: 50%⁣

You commit to someone you will do it: 65%⁣

You have an accountability partner that you’ve committed to: 95%!
We are 95% more likely to accomplish goals when we are committed to meeting with our accountability partner to update them on our progress. Business owners and leaders can try to do things on their own but will be 95% more productive when they have a coach holding them accountable on a regular basis. 


If you’re ready for true transformation and results, it’s time to hire a coach. We all deserve to have an outside perspective that can bring wisdom, accountability, and encouragement into our goals, businesses, and lives.


And P.S. – If you’re looking to become a certified coach yourself, check out the Certification programs we offer!