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Our ProfitCoach System™ is used by coaches worldwide to help coaches Build Like An Entrepreneur™ and double their income.

Learn Our ProfitCoach System™ and Build a Profitable Coaching Business  

If you're currently making 50K, Gary shows you how to make 100k. If you're currently making 100k, he'll show you how to make 300k.

  • Get more high-paying clients.
  • Finally, have your clients pay you what you're worth.
  • Put automated systems in place to streamline your business so it works on autopilot.
  • Turn bad habits that kill profit into good habits that create profit.
  • Boost your revenue with entrepreneurial strategies used by high dollar coaches.
  • Build credibility into your business brand and model.
  • Develop a leveraged coaching business model based on your strengths, expertise, spiritual gifts and lifestyle.
  • Get your business firing on all cylinders and working like clockwork.

Coach Gary, I just wanted to say thank you. I just closed one client paying 2,000 per month; the client payed me $12,000 in advance using your system.

- Y. Amadin, Indonesia has been helping coaches, consultants and business owners build healthy profitable businesses since 1989. Recognizing that, while many business people are great at some aspects of their business, they're lacking in some key areas necessary to take their growth and revenue to the next's mission with The Thrive Business Academy is to provide you with strategic tools, personal guidance, candid feedback and accountability you need to conquer the obstacles that are blocking you from your optimal best.

Dear Friend,

Here's the candid, yet revealing truth . . .Most coaches are ill-equipped to know how to compete in the high-end coaching industry.

That said, if you've got it all covered and you've hit your financial mark, congratulations. No need to read on.

But if not, this may be one of the most important letters of your entrepreneurial journey. Because this is your invitation to experience a true business (and life) transformation. And I'm not talking about occasionally picking up an extra client or two.

I'm talking about a major business-building, life changing breakthrough.  A breakthrough that can turn the course of things and strategically re-position you to join the ranks of these industry leaders. We’ve been around a long time and we’ve been watching the business coaching industry. Progress is being made, but with each step forward there are barriers that are keeping entrepreneurs from living up to their fullest potential. Coaches are rushing from point A to point B, just to make ends meet. As a result of these efforts, they are over-worked, underpaid, and stressed. Things start to fall through the cracks, and too often, vision goes to the wayside.

The Bible says, “without vision the people perish”.  So true . . . and without a smart coaching business model, so do coaching companies.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 50% of small businesses live to see their fifth year and only 30% survive into their tenth year. In the coaching industry, 70% of coaches are making under $30,000 per year. That’s a tragedy that does not have to be.

Beat The Statistics - Join The Ranks of the Top 5%

It’s time to beat the statistics. In order to be a real player (at minimum hit the $300k mark), you need to understand what sets these extraordinary, profitable, coaching entrepreneurs apart. And where you have personally become resigned or are holding back. Knowing what the 5% are doing will catapult you and short-cut your learning curve.

We can help you catapult your business. Here at, it is our job to help you rewrite your story, architect a profitable coaching business model and start building like an entrepreneur. Because it’s not just about running your coaching business- it’s about transforming it into a profitable company with consistent growth. Not only do we help with your business, but we can provide insight and mentoring through all aspects of life. We are thought leaders, driven to provide you with a clear path to what you want most in life. We are here to champion your success.

Both disrupting the status quo and transformation are key to breaking barriers for yourself, but also for making a major impact with your clients. What does it mean to disrupt the status quo? Simply put, it means no longer accepting being average or making ends meet. It’s time to rise above. From growing, to thriving, we will give you all the tools you need to create a profitable coaching business model that’s unique to you, and leaves a lasting legacy.

That's what the ProfitCoach System™ is all about. Results with a purpose.  We are talking about tangible, ever-growing progress and peace of mind. By joining our Academy you will have insider access to all the help and strategic coaching you need to meet your visionary and financial goals. We will catapult you and your business so you are working less, earning more, and achieving that one thing that many professional coaches and consultants consider a fairy tale: peace of mind.

There Are No Quick Fixes or Fairy Tales Here

Success comes by making smart decisions. But not just smart decisions- the right decisions. It means eliminating the clutter that keeps you distracted and doing the things that slow down your entrepreneurial progress. Success also comes by architecting the right kind of coaching business that is ideal for your lifestyle, expertise, gifts/strengths and experience.

We will help you set goals and measures for yourself and your business. Wanting to be a million dollar coach and working one day a week, all within the span of two years- that’s what we call a “pipe dream”.

A million dollar goal can very well be within your reach, but how do you expect to get there if you’re struggling to make just $100k? With our help, you will take your business from struggling to thriving and be a real player in the coaching industry.

How will you be known? 

We are the experts at business coaching, and our results speak for themselves. We have been one of the leading pioneers of the business coaching industry since we started in 1989. In those 28 years we have helped over 7,000 businesses and business leaders. We have trained and certified high-ranking military professionals, pastors, professional coaches, psychologists, CEOs, attorneys and entrepreneurs in the art of coaching companies. We know our stuff. We have also facilitated over 1,000 meetings, spoken at over 200 events, have had articles featured in publications such as Fortune and Entrepreneur (to name a couple), and most importantly, we have transformed clients all over the world.

Our legacy is written all over this industry. We have been approached by Universities around the world to provide professional feedback on their coaching degree programs as well as organizations like the ICF and the WABC in the beginning of the industry to help develop professional industry criteria for coaching. To this day we still see our words living and breathing all across the global coaching industry.

I am so glad that I made the choice to take the training. I now have a successful business coaching company and I'm living a life that I love. 

- D. Paradies, Wisconsin

Do You Know How To Build Like An Entrepreneur

The industry around business coaching has grown and changed significantly in the past several years. You have probably seen endless courses or trainings out there. But do those programs come close to the real thing? Not from what we’ve heard from our students. A lot of the certification companies are not teaching coaches how to be a successful entrepreneur or how to build a credible company. We began to see that trend over 15 years ago and that’s when we saw the opportunity to do something about it. This is why it’s our passion, not only to teach the systems of coaching inside businesses, but how to think and build your coaching business like an entrepreneur.

We Got Tired of Our Industry Being the Underpaid Underdog in the World of Consulting

We developed the ProfitCoach System™ with passion, dedication, and by meeting a real industry need. Although coaches typically learn a lot about asking questions and facilitating breakthroughs for their clients, they don’t learn a lot about how to think or build like an entrepreneur. Being underpaid is a consistent problem we see with professional coaches.

Today is your lucky day.

You can re-position, re-brand, re-think, re-strategize and re-build if you’re one of these underpaid, not-taken-seriously coaches- and we’re help you stop doing what isn’t working and start doing what does. We are providing coaching services to business owners and CEOs, transforming companies and their teams, and helping them build healthy thriving companies. We keep ourselves sharp on both sides of our business, working with companies and working with entrepreneurial coaches. We know the inner workings of business growth intimately and we understand how to leverage and build momentum. We offer you a goldmine of wisdom.

Coaching is a constant journey, and we work day in and day out to create success-driven results with each and every client. We are in the trenches daily to see leader’s dreams come to pass and we are destroying the “underpaid underdog” story and re-writing this story for our coaches.

Transform Your Story and be the Entrepreneur You're Meant To Be

Sometimes we need to make hard decisions. But making hard decisions means you are willing to take a step back, review yourself, your business and your life, and figure out what just isn’t working. We work with bold, innovative leaders (whether coaches or CEOs) who value straight feedback and are willing to get into action. But it requires one thing:

You must be committed to your success. If you know in your gut you need more clarity, direction, or a no-kidding approach to getting to the next level, look inside and do a serious inventory.

A Candid Question - Do you have the tools to hit your mark?

Being committed to success isn’t as easy as it seems. It takes making the right decisions and executing quickly. We work relentlessly with you to design a company where you can coach with authentic passion so you’re waking up each day inspired and doing what you love. And, we don’t stop there. We help you design coaching programs, services and products so you have a full suite of offerings. And we keep you focused on getting clients along the way while you’re implementing the pieces necessary to keep you hitting the next goal and the next goal and the next, building consistent momentum and profit.

In fact, we have a criteria for Thrive Business Academy members that includes a comprehensive interview. We want to know we’re an excellent fit for you and that you’re willing to play a bigger game. We want to accelerate you, but we also know we’ll have to work as a team to meet your goals; both the ones you have currently, and the ones we create together.

“What got you here, won’t get you there.”

It’s time To Live Up To Your Potential

We want to help you grow from how you got here, and help you thrive in the future. By pushing past the boundaries of the average coaching business, you can finally begin to build a solid action plan and execute it. We’ve been in this business a long time, and together we’re confident we can get you there.

We love what we do. There is no greater feeling than seeing the expression of freedom and peace of mind on people’s faces, and hear the added confidence and self-satisfaction in their voices. We believe in people. And we believe in you.

If you’re ready for your passion to come to life in a bigger way, apply for an interview. With the Thrive Business Academy, you will break barriers and transform the areas currently holding you back. You’ll have at your fingertips the necessary tools to think like an entrepreneur, and be the ProfitCoach™ you know you can be.

You already have greatness inside you. Let us help you realize it.

Blessings, Gary Henson

Important Program Information

The cost of the Thrive Program is $497 per month with a $500 deposit. Payment will be processed upon completing the Application and The Academy Interview. Program includes "The Small Business Coach Master Training System - $1997" and our "Strategies to Future-proof Your Business" (Client Workbook-$297).

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Gary really encouraged me to change my pricing model. Before my clients were playing me $7,500.00 per year. My new clients are now paying me anywhere from $25,000/$35,000 per year minimum.

D. Milano
D. Milano Thrive Business Academy Student

One of the things that attracted me to the Academy was the years Gary has been doing this. I can definitely direct someone to it because it's a great program that develops you as a business coach.

J. Foster
J. Foster Thrive Business Academy Student