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The Thrive Business Academy™ for coaches is for entrepreneurial-minded coaches who do not fit the "typical coach as a hobby" mindset. The Academy students are serious about growing their business and impacting the world and have worked hard getting to 100k, but are coachable and driven to go much further.

Academy Features

  • Think & Build Like An Entrepreneur

    The Top 5% are not only thinking about how to serve the world, but how to architect their business. We’ll show you how.

  • Build a Unique Coaching Business Model

    We help you build a successful coaching business model that is unique to you built around your gifts, experience, expertise and lifestyle.

  • Discover Your Voice, Style & Brand

    We help you to hone in on your uniqueness, and create, package, and position you to discover your ideal clients.

  • Learn How To Build Credibility

    Learn to build credibility through your voice, brand, clients and collaborative partners by having systems for getting constant feedback.

More Features

  • Strategic Coaching

    We’re here to help you take a 360 degree approach to your business; to coach you, hold you accountable and be a mentor.

  • How To Develop Collaborations

    Connecting with the right people can put you into pivotal circles that are key for the industry. You want to ensure the collaborations you’re building are strong ones. We’ll teach you how.

  • Build Automated Marketing Systems

    A big part of running and growing your coaching business is ensuring you have solid backend systems in place. We’ll teach you how to build automated marketing systems.

  • Create Frameworks & Systems

    Teaching with frameworks in your business will add to your credibility and position you like an authority expert. The Academy will teach you how.

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