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Products to help you launch and grow a thriving Business Coaching business

Client Workbook: Strategies To Future Proof Your Business

  • 270 Pages of material
  • For coaches and entrepreneurs
  • Audio companion included
  • All of's custom done for you coaching templates
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Small Business Coach Master Training System

  • Step by step Business Coaching guide
  • Includes Client Workbook and 5 audio companions
  •'s coaching methods and training
  • How to transform a business and increase profits
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How To Get Legacy Clients

  • Unlock your sales potential
  • Charge what you're really worth
  • Locate your unique legacy clients
  • Respond to objections with style and elegance
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The ProfitCoach System

  • Three 90 Minute Episodes
  • Includes "First 6 Months of Coaching" guide
  •'s coaching methods and training
  • How to transform a business and increase profits
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Looking To Make Coaching A Career?

The 12 Month Mentoring Program Might Be For You!

What You'll Learn

  • How to keep coaching clients coming back for more!
  • How to market your practice so you always have clients!
  • How to take the anxiety out of selling your services!
  • How to master the business side of running a practice!
  • How to sign the clients up on a 12 month agreement

Who It's For

  • Those who value personal growth and want a career that will allow you to leverage your strengths
  • Those who understand the importance of strong relationships and the benefits of leading a balanced life
  • Those who believe in the potential of people and enjoy seeing it realized
  • Those who are not afraid to invest time and money to build their personal and financial freedom
  • Those who truly believe they can make a difference and wants to use their gift to positively impact others

If you are currently a full-time business coach and you haven’t reached the hallowed ground of 6-figure earnings, this program could be exactly what you need to get there.

Let’s be honest. Business coaching is about passion. Being deeply committed to the success of your clients. And having an unwavering belief that you have what it takes to be a successful business coach with a thriving practice of life-time clients and an income that allows you to create whatever lifestyle you want.

But for you, coaching is a struggle.

This program is designed to help you overcome the same obstacles many students have faced so your coaching career will be all that you want it to be.

K. Hosokawa

As the number one business coach in Japan I felt like I was ready to learn more and take my coaching business to another level. I traveled to the U. S. to meet Coach Gary and learn Real Business Coaching because I felt his experience and background was the best in I could find anywhere in the world.  Now Six years later we have taught over 300 students in Japan using the Business Coach .com methodology, and it works…. Coach Gary is the best in the West.

K. Hosokawa
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