Want to Become an Internationally

Certified Professional Business Coach?

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We offer two Certification Methods:

Online Training and Certification   &  In-Person Training and Certification

Certification Method #1:

Online Training and Certification ($2,997 for Materials, + $497 Upon Passing Exam)

The Online Experience is perfect for those looking to learn and get certified at their own pace.

It includes our Business Coach Master Training System, an all-encompassing Training Manual and 2 audio recordings that teach you the complete “How to” System to develop a successful career as a Business Coach.

The Business Coach Master Training System is an in-depth 5 Chapter Manual that covers:

    • What Business Coaching Is 
    • How Business Coaching works
    • Business Coaching Distinctions (Our proprietary Mental Tool Box)
    • How to Help Businesses Create a Thriving Work Culture System
    • The first 12 months of the coaching relationship Roadmap and Outline
    • Quality Leadership Development Tools
    • Effective Team-Building Strategies for Businesses 
    • The Phases of Business Coaching (broken down into 4 quarters)
    • How to help Companies have Financial Success the easy way
    • Strategic Planning and Execution (Planner)
    • How to Attract the Right Clients (System)
    • How to sign your clients to a one year Contract
    • Coach and Client Reading Lists (Exclusive to BusinessCoach.com)
    • And so much more


After going through the material, there is a written exam that must be completed and passed. The exam is personally scored by BusinessCoach.Com Founder, Gary Henson.

Upon passing, the student will receive an official BusinessCoach.Com Professional Business Coaching Certification and logo to use on the website, business cards etc.

All course graduates are assigned to a group with which Garry conducts live webinars and answers practical questions.


Certification Method #2: Suspended due to pandemic

In Person Training & Certification Options