The Coach’s Checklist: 8 Foundational Things Every Coach needs to be Successful

We have worked with over 7,000 coaches, and through that, have found 8 core principles coaches need to embrace in order to be highly successful. Here they are!


1. Think like a Coach AND an Entrepreneur 

As a Coach, chances are, you’re really good at thinking like a Coach. However, to have a successful coaching career, you also have to think like an Entrepreneur. Have your finances in order and learn how to manage your time effectively. Be PROACTIVE rather than reactive, develop plans for marketing, getting clients, budgeting, and financial goals. Be willing to be a constant learner and continually grow your entrepreneurial skills. Entrepreneurs are determined to do what it takes to be successful. 


2. Be well trained and get Certified 

In a world where anyone can claim to be a Coach, it’s important to set yourself apart from the rest. Get trained and certified in a coaching program that has been tested and proven to bring clients the results they’re longing for.


3. Clearly understand the role of the Coach and the Client 

Understand that as a Coach, you inspire change, but it’s the Client’s responsibility to make it happen. Learn how to be a powerful Coach, trusted advisor, and mentor, and be prepared to hold clients accountable to the change they’ve committed to.


4. Be coachable! 

Every good Coach needs a Coach. Hire a Coach to hold you accountable to YOUR vision, goals, and dreams. If you truly believe in the power of coaching, invest in a coach for yourself? 


5. Choose a well-defined niche 

First, ask yourself, “What problems do I love to solve? What kinds of people do I love to help? Which stage of life or business are they in? What are their biggest challenges?”  If you aim for everyone, you’ll appeal to very few, if anyone at all. The more specific you are, the more laser-focused you can be on attracting the clients that you’re best equipped to serve.


6. Be committed to inspiring REAL change 

It’s vital to be committed to making a difference in the lives of others. Because of this, understand that your role as a Coach is to have your clients become EXTRAORDINARY at what they do. Therefore, set the bar high so that they’re continually stretching beyond their comfort zones.


7. Be an extraordinary example for your clients 

Lead by your actions; Set the bar high for yourself. Let them watch you accomplish your personal goals. Teach them the importance of being a person of integrity, being coachable, and opening up to new ways of thinking. 


8. Have a winning mindset 

Realize that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Your clients are looking for someone to point the way to their success. Because you are not them and don’t have their emotions, you can be an objective voice to help them find the right path. First, teach them the importance of discipline and the rewards that follow. Then, help them understand that doing the same old thing produces the same old results.