7 Ways to Attract Your Ideal Coaching Clients Through Website

Is your website bringing you the results you want?

I see so many websites that look beautiful, but they get no traffic or have little success creating results out of those who do visit their site. 

Now, I’m a business coach; I’m not claiming to be a website designer or marketing expert. But after years of research, learning from marketing experts, and firsthand experience, I’ve come to learn some key ways to make your website attract the right people and convert them into clients.

Here are 7 ways to attract your ideal coaching clients . . .

1) Why do I need a website for my coaching business?

Think of it as your big business card or brochure and more. It’s a chance to authentically express yourself in a way that appeals to the types of people you want to serve. Be you, be real and speak directly to your avatar!

2) Why do I have to choose a niche?

Great question, if you aim to reach everyone, you’ll hook no one. It’s important to ask yourself who you want to serve, and what types of problems you want to solve. The more specific you get in envisioning your ideal client, the better you’ll be able to use branding and language on your site that makes potential clients feel like they’re being directly spoken to by You. 

3) How can I brand myself by using my website?

The best branding is authentic branding. In other words, be yourself. You’re presenting your coaching business (not anyone else’s), so let your website reflect what you uniquely bring to the people you want to serve. Use blogs, copy, color schemes, videos, pictures, and all content to reflect your coaching business’ brand. Being yourself will naturally attract the clients that are drawn to YOU.  Story Brand is a book we highly recommend on this topic. This book gives you a step by step process to attract clients and tell them your STORY, and have them love you for it!                                                                                  

4) What do I include on my website?

Make a BOLD statement about who you are and what problems you can help your potential client solve. When first-time website visitors visit your home page, they aren’t looking for a long novel to read through or your personal biography. You have about 3 seconds to explain how you can help solve their problems. It’s not about you, it’s all about you being their solution….

The solution that they have been trying to solve on their own for years.

Once you’ve gotten their attention, make them want to click through your site to find out more. Practically speaking, we recommend having these pages: Home, Free Resources, Services and/or Products, Blog, About, and Contact. But ultimately, tailor this to fit your coaching business. 

5) Who can help me create my website?

If website design, marketing, copywriting, SEO or any of this feels like it’s over your head, we recommend finding a quality web designer and marketing professional. Figure out a budget, do your research, get recommendations, and read reviews to find quality people to get the job done for you. Don’t hire the first person you come in contact with. Do your homework and find someone that understands you and what you want to achieve. Make them provide you with references and examples of their work. Make sure you can relate to them and visa versa.

6) How do I convert visitors to paying clients?

Remember that this is not a sales pitch, it’s more like a dating process. In many cases, your website is the first impression. Their interest is peaked, and as they click through your website, they get to know you and the value that you bring. Be sure to include an email subscription box so their contact information is added to your email list! As they dive into your free resources (free resources are in exchange for their email address) and begin to get helpful follow-up emails from you, this deepens their trust and makes them more likely to become a paying client. 

7) Will having a great website magically bring in coaching clients?

In short, no. Just because you have a great website, does not mean that people are seeing it. How are you driving traffic to your website in the first place? Also, how are you following up with website visitors? It’s crucial that you build your email list and continue nurturing those relationships by regularly sending out emails and posting on social media. Look for other ways to drive traffic to your website. You can do this but you have to be committed, it’s all part of being an Entrepreneur.

I hope these tips help you optimize your website to attract your ideal clients! A sharp and branded website, paired with nurturing of your email list are key ways to attract and work with dream coaching clients. As a coach, I’m sure you know by now that results don’t just show up. We must strategically invest time and resources on the things that matter to get the results we want.